TK «ChamberMade» Chamber Ironing Swage Gunsmith Tool for .22lr, .22long, .22short

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At a glance:

  • For the repair of any .22 caliber chambers that have been damaged by firing pin impact
  • Eliminates a very common cause of feeding and extraction malfunctions
  • Corrosion resistant, heat treated, for long lasting durability

We have all done it! Dry firing the pistol seems harmless enough, but did you know that dry firing a rimfire pistol can create a small burr which can grow and deepen over time leading to feeding and reliability issues! Now, thanks to the new TANDEMKROSS ChamberMade Ironing Swage, you can repair the breech face damage caused by dry firing.

The new, handy ChamberMade Ironing Swage can be operated with a ¼” hex drive screwdriver from the chamber side or alternatively by attaching to cleaning rod inserted from the muzzle. Purchase your ChamberMade today and bring your breech face back to factory new condition!