TK «Eagle’s Talon» Extractor for Browning Buck Mark

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At a glance:

  • Machined from hardened tool steel to last a lifetime
  • Sharp «hook» design grabs casings securely and surely
  • Reduces failures-to-eject and «stove-pipe» malfunctions

The TANDEMKROSS «Eagle’s Talon» Extractor for Browning Buck Mark is a much-needed reliability upgrade that replaces the factory-provided BuckMark extractor. The factory extractor often can’t maintain a secure enough hold on the spent casing as the pistol is cycling, causing stove-pipes and failures-to-eject malfunctions. TANDEMKROSS «Eagle’s Talon» Extractor is CNC-machined with a positive hook that will grab and secure each round until it needs to be ejected.

While the factory extractor can chip- reducing its ability to consistently extract spent casings- the “Eagle’s Talon” extractor upgrade is machined from hardened tool steel for long-term strength and durability.

Eliminate your frustrations at the range and during speed shooting competitions with the “Eagle’s Talon” Extractor for Browning Buck Mark!

Don’t forget! All TANDEMKROSS products come with a no-hassle lifetime guarantee!

*Fits all Buck Mark models including the Buck Mark Rifle