TK «Game Changer PRO» Compensator for 9MM Firearms – Black 1/2″x28

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At a glance:

  • Steel compensator for 9mm firearms adds weight for better balance, more accuracy
  • Proprietary coating makes cleaning the compensator easy
  • Vents gases at dual 45° angles for better visibility & control

When shooting in a competition, even milliseconds can mean the difference between first place and second place. The new “Game Changer PRO” 9mm Compensator is the perfect addition to your Ruger® PC Carbine™ or other 9mm competition firearms to significantly reduce muzzle rise and boost your speed and accuracy.


Like our original physicist-designed «Game Changer» and “Game Changer PRO” .22lr compensators, the «Game Changer PRO» 9mm adds weight to the front of the pistol for better balance, reducing muzzle rise and improving accuracy when moving quickly between targets. The compensator vents gases at dual 45° angles for better visibility and control.


Love shooting with a compensator but hate the cleanup? The black «Game Changer PRO» 9mm features a proprietary Easy-Clean Coating to make compensator maintenance simple. The «Game Changer PRO» 9mm compensator is easy to install and fits any standard 1/2 x 28 threaded barrels.

#TANDEMIZED: Want to show your support for Tandemkross? Add the #TANDEMIZED laser etching to your new compensator.

Product Specs:


Width/Diameter: .99 inches

Length: 1.5 inches

Weight: 2.83 ounces

Threading: 1/2 x 28


Supported Models: This compensator fits all 9mm firearms with a ½ x 28 threaded barrel, including the Ruger® PC Carbine™.