TK Walther P22 «Sentinel» Captured Spring Guide Rod

kr 445,00

Erstatter original guide rod og gjør demontering og remontering av pistolen mye enklere.

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  • Captured spring makes installation easy
  • Makes cleaning your firearm simple
  • Improves reliability of slide alignment, improving accuracy

The TANDEMKROSS “Sentinel” Captured Spring Rod for the Walther® P22 is an excellent upgrade for your Walther® pistol. The Walther® factory spring is extra long and extends past the spring guide rod. This design requires a special tool to reinstall and makes cleaning your P22 a challenge. The TANDEMKROSS stainless steel guide rod for the Walther® P22 features a “captured” spring, doing away with the need for any special equipment and making your firearm maintenance simple.

Because the spring is “captured,” the TANDEMKROSS “Sentinel” Spring Rod also returns the P22 slide to the same position every time, reducing up and down movement of the slide and improving accuracy.

This drop-in part is one of the best P22 accessories that will improve the performance and simplify the maintenance of your Walther® P22.