TK «Wingman» +5 Magazine Bumper for Ruger SR22 (2-PACK)

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At a glance:

  • Increase your magazine size by 5

  • Better magazine seating

  • Extends bottom of Magazine for better grip – great for bigger hands!

*Includes two base pads per order*

Made of nearly indestructible Zytel®, these finely made magazine bumpers are designed to enable your factory magazines to load five extra rounds! These SR22® bumpers extend the bottom of the magazine to allow for more grip and better handling. Even more importantly, they help with seating magazines securely into the pistol frame by providing extra material to «bump» them into a locked state.

From competition shooters to casual backyard plinkers, everyone can benefit from a two-pack of these simple to install upgrades.  Don’t load less ammo, load more with the TANDEMKROSS magazine bumpers!


Installing the bumper removes the magazine follower button so the last round hold open feature will be disabled.