Walther CCP Softcoil Black 9mm

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When the trigger of the CCP is squeezed and the striker hits the cartridge, the bullet is set in motion. Once it passes the barrel’s gas port, some of the gas generated by the ignited propellant is directed through the port into a gas cylinder. The gas pressure in the cylinder acts against a piston that’s attached to the slide opposing its rearward motion, which effectively lowers felt recoil.
The benefits of SoftCoil Gas Technology extend beyond the softened recoil of the Concealed Carry Pistol. It allowed Walther engineers to specify a recoil spring with decreased tension, resulting in a slide that’s easy to manipulate and a shooter that remains focused and accurately on target.



Carl Walther


Klasse NSF & DSSN

Sivilpistol 2 (compact), Spesialpistol, Spesialpistol med modifikasjon