Walther PPQ M2 NAVY 4,6″ 9×19 PS

kr 10 995,00

  • 15-round, 1 17-round magazine
  • Magazine speedloader
  • Phosphorescent steel sights
  • 117 mm barrel with threaded muzzle (1/2″ x 28)
  • TeniferTM coated steel parts
  • Anti-friction coating for magazines

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For operations in and near water. Developed in
collaboration with special forces: The PPQ M2 NAVY SD
is WALTHER’s pistol for tough police missions.
Power in spite of water resistance.
The firing mechanism of the WALTHER PPQ NAVY has
been optimized for operations in and near water.



Carl Walther


Klasse NSF & DSSN

Grovfelt, IPSC Production, Militærfelt