Walther Q5 MATCH SF 5″ Expert 9mm

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To exceed your expectations. To follow your ambitions. To go beyond borders.
Forget what you thought you knew about competition handguns. Supremacy of functional design and exceptional performance delivering a superior championship caliber product specifically aimed at the experienced shooter!

Walther has once again raised the bar and created a new ground breaking innovative series of handguns with the Steel Frame lineup. Where they thought we couldn’t get any more performance, our engineers just made the Steel Frame even better. The Q5 Match Steel Frame Expert draws its extra edge from its enhanced trigger. A trigger that only a real Walther can offer. It’s literally the best trigger on a striker fired gun ever made. 20 Newton pull out of the box, with adjustable take-up and trigger stop. The sear engagement is already optimally adjusted from the factory.
The Expert Trigger reduces to the minimum by removing the trigger safety giving you the most performance out of your trigger. A perfect trigger pull counts when the timer is ticking and your heart beats fastest. A competition trigger in pure culture.

Some believe it’s all just a dream – but for the demanding competition shooter the dream comes true now. Included with this dynamic handgun are three 17-round magazines with extensions, a Walther low-profile mag well and an aluminum trigger shoe. The flat/medium shoe is pre-installed and an additional curved/medium trigger is also included. That is your plus for dynamic shooting in its purest form.

Expert Trigger
The Expert Trigger brings PPQ- and Q-pistols to the level of thoroughbred competition athletes and can also be retrofitted to existing pistols. Polymer variants as well as Steel Frame models are upgradeable by our Meister Manufaktur.
In addition to the features already mentioned, trigger reach is adjustable. Trigger shoe styles: Flat or curved in sizes Small, Medium and Large.

Walther Expert Trigger: Walther DNA in 9 mm – Powered Performance by Walther.

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Carl Walther


Klasse NSF & DSSN

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