ZEV Tech. OZ9 Pistol 9mm Standard Black

kr 23 990,00

OZ9 spesifikasjoner:

  • Kaliber 9×19
  • ZEV Exclusive O.Z-9 Signature slide
  • ZEV Match Grade pipe
  • ZEV PRO Flat Face avtrekker
  • ZEV O.Z-9 PRO Plus magasinbrønn
  • ZEV O.Z-9 Custom SKB koffert
  • Magpul PMAG® magasiner 17 GL9® – 2 stykk

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ZEV Technologies’ first complete pistol, with everything built
entirely from the ground up by ZEV.
The OZ-9 was designed and created for balance. It’s one of the first things you notice when holding this pistol. Balance equates to what every shooter is looking for; a more controllable pistol with less felt recoil, less muzzle flip and faster, more accurate follow-up shots.

At the heart of the OZ-9 is our pat. pending Steel Receiver. This solid steel frame runs the length of the entire pistol allowing the locking block to be fully integrated. The extended rails in the steel receiver help provide more than double the surface area of contact to the slide. Additional benefits include channels that clear out debris while also acting as lubricating reservoirs for high friction areas.
Having a singular component for the slide to travel along minimizes vibration and recoil energy by dispersing it along the receiver through the custom grip. A single take-down pin conveniently located at the front of the trigger guard locks the removable grip to the steel receiver.

By design, the trigger is housed in the steel receiver allowing for future grip upgrades without completely breaking down the pistol. Our improved grips have steeper angles, and forward hand position keeping the muzzle down, and pointing straighter.

The O.Z-9 is compatible with ZEV components and accepts GLOCK® mags, and will include future grip sizes, color, and texture options.

ZEV OZ9 Specifications:

  • Caliber 9mm
  • Trigger Pull 4,5lbs
  • Width 1,624″
  • Height 5,522″
  • Length (overall) 8,039″
  • Weight 28 oz.



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